OtherŠrámek & Vlková

Literary Vase: The Three-Body Problem

Year 2022
Client Křehký
Collaboration Veronika Vlková
Output Porcelain vase

The first edition of the Literary Vases, which was designed by Klára Šumová. The author of the illustrations is the duo Veronika Vlková and Jan Šrámek, who were inspired by the sci-fi book The Three-Body Problem by the Chinese author Liou Cch’-sin. Literary vases will be accompanied by other illustrators and artists in the future.

IllustrationsOtherŠrámek & Vlková

Petřín Funicular

Year 2021
Client Prague Public Transit Company
Collaboration Illustration Jan Šrámek & Veronika Vlková | Conception Petra Hrubešová | Design Svatopluk Ručka
Output Poster

Funicular railway to Petřín – Illustration for a Design Competition for new funicular cars.


Last flight of Sgt. J. Chalupa

Year 2020
Client City Gallery
Collaboration Malujeme jinak
Output Mural

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I from Czechoslovak No. 310 Fighter Squadron RAF. This mural in Brno, commemorate fighter pilot Sgt. J Chalupa who died in this plane.


Josef Serinek

Year 2020
Client City Gallery Brno
Output Unrealized mural

Dukla coal mine

Year 2018
Client Česká televize
Output Interactive documentary

An interactive document on the largest mining disaster in post-war history. View a detailed, hour-by-hour reconstruction of the fateful day, 7 July 1961, in the Dukla Mine in Havířov.


Stop Blood Coal

Year 2016
Client PAX
Collaboration Veronyka Jelinek
Output Animation

From 1996 to 2006, residents of the Cesar mining region of Colombia, from which European power utilities source most of their coal, have suffered greatly from paramilitary violence. At least 3100 people have been murdered, 55,000 farmers have been driven from their land and hundreds of people have disappeared. Even today, the atrocities faced by victims and their surviving relatives have never been acknowledged, let along compensation being awarded.


2×100 mil. m2

Year 2014
Collaboration Martin Hejl & Coll.

Axonometric iIllustrations for czechoslovakia presentation (curated by Martin Hejl, Kolmo.eu) at 14th International Architecture Exhibition - Fundamentals, La Biennale di Venezia

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